Aftermath of Big Thunderstorm

Tree Destroys House

During the thunderstorm here in Nebraska a lot of damage was done, but one house got it much worse than any other. Down the road there was a huge tree that had fallen over onto a house because of the thunderstorm. The house is completely destroyed, luckily no one was home during this event. The owner of the house had a few things to say,I can't believe this happened to me, and I just payed off the mortgage. As you can see they are not happy about the damage done to their house.

Power Still Out After Thunderstorm

The thunderstorm also had affected many more people as the power in this part of the state is still not back up. Many individuals can't get online, as well as electronics such as vaccuums and tvs aren't working. We asked an individual their opinion on the matter, I knew this was gonna happen some day I just didn't know when so I wasn't prepared enought for it. All we can do is hope the electric company is aware of these issues and tries to help these poor people out.